In India, there is a very distressful situation prevailing (age shift of breast cancer incidences). Breast cancer is no more confined to older women as many younger women in their productive years of life are becoming prone to breast cancer. According to the latest statistics, nearly about 25 percent of new Breast Cancer cases are now occurring in women between age 25 – 40 years.

The reason why women are not going for screening:

  • In the early stages, breast cancer does not cause any symptoms
  • Symptoms if manifest may go unnoticed
  • Women don’t do breast-self examination
  • Women tend to ignore doing breast-self examination
  • Some women don’t know how to do breast self-examination
  • Women don’t go for clinical breast examination

Due to the above reasons, breast cancer is being detected in the third and fourth stages. Late diagnosis is leading to ineffective treatment and poor survival rates. Therefore, the mortality rate associated with breast cancer is high in India as compared to anywhere else in the world.

Women must do breast-self-examination and then get clinical breast examination done by a gynaeconcologist. If the doctor suspects something abnormal, then she may recommend Breast Cancer Screening.

Breast Cancer Screening Detects Breast Cancer in the early stage.