Breast Doctor in Hyderabad Explains about when to see a Gynaeconcologist

Breast doctor in Hyderabad explains why you must visit a gynaec oncologist or a lady breast cancer specialist. If you notice a lump in your breast, then visit a doctor. A lump with some of the telltale signs of breast cancer indicates breast cancer. A lump in your breast can be a potential warning sign of breast cancer. However, it doesn’t always indicate breast cancer.

The chances of having breast cancer increases if a lump in your breast is associated with the potential warning signs and symptoms of breast cancer ” – Breast doctor in Hyderabad

Many women worry that their lump is due to breast cancer; but in the majority of the cases, it is not.

Do breast self-examination. If you notice any lump or mass of tissue in your breast, then go for a medical and clinical examination. A lady oncologist or lady breast cancer specialist doctor does a clinical examination.

Breast Cancer Screening

Consult a gynaec oncologist and explain to her about your lump and other symptoms. She will recommend breast cancer screening if she suspects something abnormal.

Your doctor orders MRI and genetic testing, if you have a risk. Women with a strong family history of breast and ovarian cancer have a high risk.

Breast cancer screening in women with a strong family history begins early.  Breast cancer screening helps in detecting breast cancer in the early stages.

A mammogram is one of the simplest screening tests. It helps in detecting breast cancer in the early stage for a potential cure.

Breast cancers are known to occur in close family members, develop at an early age and tend to be aggressive.

Even aggressive breast cancers have the highest cure rates.

Breast cancers diagnosed in the early stages have the highest cure rates.

Genetic screening helps in predicting and preventing breast cancers with a high degree of accuracy.

Dr Geetha Nagasree

Breast Doctor in Hyderabad