Most Frequently Asked Questions about Ovarian Cyst Removal Surgery in Hyderabad

When and Why is Ovarian cyst removal surgery recommended?

When a woman approaches a gynaecologist, who specializes in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cysts, the doctor examines her clinically and evaluates her condition based on these symptoms: vomiting, nausea, bloating, pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, lower back pain, pain in the thighs, irregular menstruation and abnormal bleeding. If she suspects ovarian cyst, the doctor may recommend tests to confirm the diagnosis of ovarian cyst. If the cyst has been diagnosed, she will recommend surgery.

Which specialist is the best to perform ovarian cyst removal surgery?

An experienced and trained gynaecologist who specializes in laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal surgery can diligently perform ovarian cyst removal surgery.

What is ovarian cystectomy?

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs – these are formed on the ovaries and cause symptoms such as pelvic pain and abnormal menstruations. Surgery to remove an ovarian cyst from ovaries is known as an ovarian cystectomy. A minimally invasive surgery that involves small incisions in the abdominal area to perform the surgery is known as laparoscopic surgery for the removal of ovarian cysts. A majority of the women has ovarian cysts at some point during their lifetime.

How successful is ovarian cyst removal surgery?

Ovarian cyst removal surgery is very effective in the management of painful and troublesome ovarian cysts that are capable of causing complications and ovarian torsions in the future. The success of any major surgical procedure depends on the skills, expertise and dexterity of the surgeon, patient age and associated conditions, health status and the types of surgery underwent.

Does Ovarian cyst removal surgery in Hyderabad solve the problem permanently?

Ovarian cysts may come back after the surgery as it could be possible for a cyst to form on the same or the other ovary after the surgery. Therefore, ovarian cyst removal surgery may or may not be a permanent solution to get rid of ovarian cysts. The formation of cysts may depend on age, personal and family history and other factors.

What is the duration of ovarian cyst removal surgery in Hyderabad?

On average, a general ovarian cystectomy may take around 2 hours – while a laparoscopic surgery may take around 70 to 80 minutes maximum to complete the procedure.

How Long does it take to recover after the surgery (Laparoscopic surgery)?

The complete recovery from an ovarian cyst removal surgery may depend on the type of surgery, the associated comorbidities, the health status of the woman and the expertise of the gynaecologist in laparoscopic surgery. In general, the complete recovery may take around two to three weeks.

What are the complications and risks associated with ovarian cyst removal surgery?

Some of the risks and complications associated with Ovarian Cyst Removal surgery are:

    • Pain
    • Bleeding
    • The risk of infection
    • Fertility issues
    • Formation of clots
    • Recurrence of ovarian cysts
    • The bowel or bladder may be damaged during surgery.
    • Scar tissue (adhesions) may form at the surgical site, on the ovaries or fallopian tubes, or in the pelvis.

What are the advantages of minimally invasive (Laparoscopic) cyst removal surgery?

Some of the advantages of minimally invasive laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal surgery are:

    • Substantial relief from pain
    • In most cases, the surgery doesn’t involve the removal of the complete ovary.
    • Fast relief from all types of associated symptoms
    • Minimal scarring
    • Reduced risk of complications

What are the long-term results of Ovarian Cyst Removal?

Some of the long-term benefits of Ovarian Cyst Removal surgery are:

– Symptomatic relief from ovarian cysts

– Reduced chances of recurrent pain

–  Future complications like ovarian cyst torsion can be minimized

What are the alternative therapies to Ovarian cyst removal surgery?

The best alternative to ovarian cyst removal surgery is watchful waiting – wherein doctors do not do anything to remove the cysts, but they just wait and watch to monitor the shape and size of the cyst with regular ultrasound scans.