Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Early warning signs of breast cancer – Nowadays many young women are becoming victims of breast cancer. They are unable to understand why are they becoming susceptible to breast cancer. In India, according to the latest statistics, the number of breast cancer cases are rising in younger women. which means, breast cancer can occur at any age – and, in any woman, irrespective of her racial, ethnic and geographical location.

Nearly about 25% of all the new breast cancer cases are being found in young women – who are younger than 40 years. Currently, this is a worrisome trend in India and for a breast cancer doctor as well.

In the majority of the cases, breast cancer is being detected incidentally when they go for a regular health checkup. there could be two possible reasons for this: number one – the majority of the women are unaware of breast cancer and the number two cause is lack of understanding of the early symptoms of breast cancer.

The major cause of concern for oncologists is the late diagnosis and treatment challenges pertaining to breast cancer. In a young woman, breast cancer detection and treatment is overwhelmingly tough.

The majority of younger women tend to miss the early warning signs and symptoms of breast cancer for two reasons: 1. they assume that they are too young to get breast cancer. 2. They miss the warning signs and symptoms of breast cancer assuming those to be due to relatively less serious and common health conditions.

What is important for any women – regardless of age, is awareness of breast cancer including all its aspects and risk factors.