Breast pain doctors in Hyderabad: Breast pain, also known as mastalgia, is reported by women of all ages. Nearly about seventy percent of women report breast pain during their lives – but only a minority need medical care.

The location, frequency, intensity and episodes of breast pain can vary. Pain can occur in one breast, both breasts, tissues surrounding breasts or in the underarm. Breast pain can be sharp, intense, burning or tightening. Some women may feel tenderness and some feel stiffness in the breast tissue.

In women, breast pain is most common during reproductive years – during period and menstruation. Breast pain can also occur during pregnancy and lactation. A woman approaching menopause can experience breast pain before and after menopause.

What are the causes of breast pain in women?

Neck, Back or shoulder sprains: A sudden twisting of the joint ligaments in the neck, back and shoulders can cause sprains – which can lead to pain in the breasts.

Chest pain radiating to breasts: chest pain can be due to several causes including angina, gallbladder stones, heartburn, indigestion and muscle spasm in the chest muscles. The pain can radiate to breasts or give a feeling like the pain is coming from the breast, but the pain is actually in the wall of the chest. Chest pain looks like spreading down to arms as well.

Sometimes, an improperly or poorly fitted bra can also cause breast pain.

Breast infection (mastitis) can also cause breast pain. During breastfeeding, clogged milk ducts can cause this infection, but it can also occur due to other reasons as well. This condition can cause, swelling, redness, pain, warmth and fever.

Which doctor to consult for breast lump?

You should consult a lady doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of breast cancers including triple-negative breast cancer as well. You can search for gynaec-oncologist or female oncologist in Hyderabad or breast cancer lady doctor in Hyderabad.

Dr Geetha Nagasree has immense expertise and dexterity in performing complex breast cancer surgeries. Owing to her nearly two decades of experience in surgical oncology and her surgical skills, she is the best lady oncologist in Hyderabad.

Which doctor to consult for breast pain?

Many women think that breast pain is often linked to breast cancer, but it is usually not. Though breast pain is a symptom of breast cancer, not all types of breast cancers cause pain. Breast discomfort and pain is the symptom of inflammatory breast cancer. Sometimes, you can have breast pain due to breast infection, which may cause redness with fever. It is better to consult a female oncologist if you have breast pain.

When should you consult a Breast Cancer Lady Doctor in Hyderabad?

You should consult a breast cancer lady doctor if you:

    • Notice a lump or mass in any area of your breast
    • Experience pain which is persistent
    • Notice nipple discharge – other than milk
    • Experience breast pain without a known cause
    • Notice fever, redness and abnormal changes in the breast

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