Monthly Archives: January 2021


Breast Cancer Treatment – Types of Surgeries & Therapies

By | January 21st, 2021|HEALTH BLOG|

Female breast surgeon in Hyderabad, Dr Geetha Nagasree Breast cancer behaviour and biology affect the treatment. Some types of breast cancers are aggressive – though they are small, they grow quickly. Larger breast cancers grow slowly. Therefore, treatment methodologies and approaches vary depending on the type, nature and behaviour of cancer. Therefore, any good female [...]

Can Ovarian Cysts Turn into Ovarian Cancer?

By | January 7th, 2021|HEALTH BLOG|

Ovarian cysts are very common so are the concerns or problems associated with them. Many women feel that ovarian cysts could turn into malignant cysts and cause long-term consequences. Majority of women get ovarian cysts or benign ovarian tumours during their reproductive age at some point in their lives. Let us try to understand whether [...]

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