Breast Cancer and Young Women

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Let us try to understand why younger women are nowadays looking out for breast cancer doctor.

If you look at current statistics of breast cancer cases in India and around the world, cases are rising in younger women. Which means, this type of cancer can occur at any age. Nearly about 25% of all the new breast cancer cases are being found in young women – who are younger than 40 years. Currently, this is a worrisome trend in India and for a breast cancer doctor as well.

Due to the overwhelming number of new cases, diagnosis and treatment are a cause for concern for a woman of any age. For an oncologist, the detection of breast cancer is a bit challenging though.

What is important for any women – regardless of age, is awareness of breast cancer including all its aspects and risk factors.

If You are a Young Woman, Pay Attention! This is important to You

Breast cancer incidences are rising in younger women for the following reasons:

A majority of young women assume that they are too young to get breast cancer.

Upon noticing a lump in their breast, they tend to ignore it believing that the lump is harmless or due to any other growth (harmless growth). Therefore, ignore going to a breast cancer doctor.

Some women assume lumps as harmless cysts as well. Even some doctors too dismiss breast lumps as harmless growth.

Compare to an older woman, a young woman has denser breast tissue.

Denser breasts make it difficult to detect breast cancer in a woman under 40 years age. In young women, even before a lump can be felt, breast cancer could have already advanced.

Younger women tend to ignore the warning signs of breast cancer like pain in the breast, changes in the size and shape of the breast, breast lump and unusual discharge from the nipple.

Breast cancer aggressively develops in young age compared to an older age. Even if cancer gets detected at an early stage, it may less likely to respond to treatment.

Which Type of Risk Factors Can Put a Young Woman at Risk?

The following risk factors may put a young woman at risk of developing breast cancer:

  • A family history of breast cancer

    Breast cancer doctor in Hyderabad

    Breast cancer Risk Factors

  • Lifestyle – smoking and alcohol consumption
  • A personal history of non-cancerous breast disease
  • Early menarche – before age 12
  • Late pregnancy
  • Nulliparous state
  • Dense breasts
  • Ethnicity and race
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Previous exposure to radiation therapy
  • Genetic defects like mutated BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes

What a Young woman Should Do to Detect Breast Cancer Early?

Any young woman can help herself in the early detection of breast cancer provided she remains aware of what she should do.

Being a woman, if you learn this, you will be able to catch breast cancer even if cancer doesn’t show any warning signs. First of all, learn how to do breast self-examination. learn breast self-examination.

If you find something abnormal, then bring it to the notice of your gynaecologist or breast cancer doctor in Hyderabad. Once the breast cancer doctor gets to know about your abnormality, she will do clinical breast examination and then recommend breast cancer screening. In this way, you can catch breast cancer in its tracks.

Being a woman, if you follow this protocol, you would be in a position to catch breast cancer in the early stage itself – wherein the effective treatment is possible.