Be Aware and prevent breast cancer for life

                                                                                                                     — Dr Geetha Breast Surgeon Hyderabad

Take a few minutes to save your life and the life of your loved ones.

To prevent breast cancer, complete awareness is a must.

If you are a woman, read this information to get complete awareness about breast cancer, no matter how much busy you are!

After reading the complete information, you will be able to assess your personal risk and take appropriate action. You will also be able to guide other women properly.

    1. How to know whether I have breast cancer?

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    1. I don’t have any symptoms – is there still a possibility of developing breast cancer?

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    1. What should I do to detect breast cancer in time?

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    1. I have a lump in my breast – Is it due to breast cancer?

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    1. I have pain in my breast – Is it due to breast cancer?

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    1. What is my personal risk of breast cancer?

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    1. What precautions you should take to prevent breast cancer?

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    1. Why breast cancer cases are on the rise in India?

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   10. When to see an oncologist for breast cancer?

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Why breast cancer is being detected late in Indian women?

 Breast cancer is being detected late in Indian women due to following reasons:

    1. Lack of awareness about breast cancer in Indian women – this is, in fact, the most prominent factor for the late detection of breast cancer in India compared to elsewhere in the world (UK, USA, Canada and Australia).
    2. Breast cancer is a silent killer – it grows and develops silently and progressively over several years.
    3. In the initial stages, there are no signs and symptoms.
    4. Signs and symptoms if present may manifest in the advanced stages (3rd and 4th stages)
    5. Majority of Indian women remain unaware until cancer progresses to advanced stages.
    6. Majority of Indian women are unaware of the risk factors and the precautions they must take to avert their risk.
    7. Majority of women tend to neglect breast self-examination.
    8. Only a few women go for clinical breast examination by a specialist doctor after they notice any abnormality in their breast through breast self-examination.
    9. Only a few women have awareness about breast cancer screening
    10. There are lots of myths associated with breast cancer

Experts recommend breast cancer screening should start from age 40 and for women who are at increased risk, screening should begin early – at age 35.

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